Dredge & Dredge Equipment Rentals

We Own or Have Agreements to Rent Specialized Dredging and Dewatering Equipment


GHCC owns vessels, pipe and other specialized dredging equipment. We have built a large network of companies that have the equipment you need for your project. We are your one stop shop!

Basket Cutter Dredges


Our clients have a full array of portable dredges available for rent. We have access to basket cutter portable dredges. 

Work Boats

Dredge work boats can be rented individually or as a package with a dredge and pipeline.

Dredge work boats can be rented alone or as a package with a dredge and pipeline. 



We have access to miles of HDPE pipeline in sizes from six-inch to 18-inch. Pipe comes with or without flanges, hoses and pipeline floats. 

Dewatering Equipment


We have specialized dewatering equipment with flow ranges of 1000 to 3000 gallons per minute. 

Auger Dredges


Auger style dredges with submersible pumps can sometimes provide a higher solids percentage for dewatering operations.